How we said “You’re going to be grandparents!”

There’s something slightly strange about telling your parents that you’re having a baby. I mean, they now know that I’m definitely not a virgin.

Regardless of this, telling my parents that there’s a baby on the way was incredibly nerve-wracking but amazing. We told both sets just before the six weeks mark, which is quite early in the whole scheme of things. We live in a different country to my parents, and we had already booked to go and see them for a long weekend. It was a convenient coincidence that we found out about the pregnancy the week before going, as it meant that we were able to tell them face-to-face.

Anyway, it was time to get thinking: how do we tell our parents? Do we just blurt it out? Do we drop hints and wait for them to pick them up? Should Mrs TDV shove a pillow up her top to give a subtle clue?

In the end, after some internet research, we stumbled upon the WoollyBudgie Etsy shop, run by the lovely Rachel.

Rachel knits and crochets lots of different products for babies, like blankets and headbands.

But what we were interested in were these lovely booties, in our signature grey.

Pretty much everything in our house is grey, and everything for this baby will be similar!

Now, if we’d just given our parents a pair of booties, they might have worked out the meaning eventually. Thankfully though, Rachel presents them in a lovely box with green gingham tissue paper. Hidden on the lid of the box is a sticker saying “You’re going to be grandparents!”

When we ordered these, it took a few days for them to arrive, but Rachel kept us up-to-date the whole time. They arrived packaged in such a way that they could be posted through the letterbox – so handy, meaning you don’t have to wait in the house for the postie to knock! At the minute, these boxes can be yours for £14 each (plus 75p P&P) – worth every penny.

It was such a relief being able to share our news with our parents. Both of us had been avoiding speaking to them for the week after we got the positive pregnancy test, so being able to finally talk about it all was amazing. There were gasps, squeals, claps and tears in both houses when the boxes were opened. And that was just the dads!

This went down so well that we’re going to order another two boxes: “You’re going to be a great-granny!” and “You’re going to be a great-nana!” No doubt there will be even more tears, gasps and squeals!

How did you tell your parents that you were having a baby? Do you have any top tips for others? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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