“What do you want for Christmas?” The buying guide for expectant parents

“What do you want for Christmas?” is a question that we’re being asked quite a bit at the minute. Maybe you know some expectant parents too, and you’re wondering what to buy them for Christmas? Well, fear not – the first-ever Christmas buying guide from thedaddyvoyage is here!

I’ve teamed up with Etsy and hand-picked 8 amazing products that I would personally love to receive as an expectant parent.


1. Coming home outfit – £15.66

We have chosen about 10 different coming-home outfits for our baby. It’s made even more difficult by not knowing what sex the baby is. But there are some beautiful outfits on Etsy. This one is perfect for both boys and girls. Click here to buy from JosieandJames


2. Alternative milestone cards – £12.00

Milestone cards are everywhere at the moment! Mothercare was even giving them out for free the last time I was in. However, I love these alternative milestone cards from FawnedOfYouDesigns. As well as the card pictured above, my other favourites include ‘Today, Mummy almost punched a stranger’ and ‘Today I made a car journey take 6x as long as it should have done.’ Click here to buy from FawnedOfYouDesigns on Etsy


3. Twinkle Print – £9.00

I’m a sucker for a nice print. I’m even more of a sucker for a black and white print! This one is gorgeous and would go brilliantly in any nursery, not just one with a star theme. Click here to buy from SoMEEK on Etsy


4. Mugs – £22.00

In our house, we have a quite strict mugs policy in that we only have mugs from Starbucks, collected from the different cities we have visited over the years. However, I think I’d be willing to break the policy for these mugs from EllieEllieltd. Click here to buy from EllieEllieltd on Etsy


5. Chunky knit blanket – from £27.74

“You’ll never sleep properly again,” is what everyone seems to be telling us at the minute. Therefore, optimising nap times will be critical when our baby arrives. A quick nap on the sofa wouldn’t be complete without a nice blanket, and this amazing chunky knit blanket would be perfect! Click here to buy from MerinoWoolDecor on Etsy


6. Est. 2017/2018 baby vest – £10.00

I always vowed that we wouldn’t have gimmicky baby vests with dates and/or personalised messages on them. But that vow is probably going to be broken very soon. One of my absolute favourite shops on Etsy is Buddy And The Bear, who make this simple baby vest that can be altered to be 2018/2019/2020 etc (if you’re planning ahead!!). They have a fantastic Instagram feed too! Click here to buy from Buddyandthebear on Etsy


7. Changing Bag – £68.92

A few weeks ago, I had a look at changing bags in a store belonging to a big name brand. Let’s call this anonymous brand ‘Mummies And Daddies.’ Every single changing bag was a bit…feminine. I’m not one to shy away from carrying my wife’s handbag or anything, but I’d quite like a changing bag that looks a bit more like a man bag. These ones from DarbyMack are perfect! Click here to buy from DarbyMack on Etsy


8. Turf Fire Candle – £12.50

As I’ve been writing this, two things have been making my kitchen a nice place to work – a bottle of Malbec and this beautiful candle from BeardedCandleMakers. I have had the pleasure of meeting the guy behind this brand a couple of times at St George’s Market in Belfast, but I know that it’s not exactly around the corner for everyone. So if your expectant parent friends love the smell of traditional Irish turf fires, get them one or two of these to make their home smell less like dirty nappies! Click here to buy from BeardedCandleMakers on Etsy










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