Wrapping Up Warm With The Cocoon Babies Car Seat Blanket

Sometimes I wish I was a baby again. I mean, they get everything done for them and when they break even the most basic rules of social etiquette, it’s deemed “cute” and “adorable.” I’d love to see if people called me cute if I farted loudly in a silent library like Zak did a few weeks ago.

Anyway, one of the other reasons I’d love to be a baby again is because they get to sit in their car seat thrones and be driven around like royalty. Now don’t get me wrong, I love driving, but wouldn’t it be great if you could be chauffeur-driven everywhere? They don’t have to battle with traffic jams, pre-empt the actions of silly drivers or interpret what the sat nav really means when she says “bear right in the left-hand lane.”

Over the past few weeks, the mercury on the thermometer has been dropping. (Actually, who am I kidding? I don’t have a thermometer with mercury in it, but I have several weather apps that tell me what temperature it is). Consequently, I’ve been thinking more carefully about how to dress Zak for the car. I don’t mean whether he needs driving goggles and gloves, but rather how to layer him up while he’s in his car seat. It’s never a good idea to put your baby in their car seat wearing a coat (see here for more information), so a car seat blanket is the perfect way to keep babies nice and warm while they’re on the move.

Cocoon Babies kindly sent me one of their cocoon blankets to try out with Zak and it has been fantastic for keeping him nice and toasty while in his car seat.

The cocoon blanket is made from wool and is lined with fleece, meaning that it’s really great for keeping Zak nice and warm in chilly weather. Crucially, it has holes for Zak’s car seat straps to fit through, meaning that he has a blanket under him, as well as over him. This is ideal for early morning drives when it’s still below zero here in the North East. When Zak is in the car, I tend to unwrap him so that the blanket isn’t over him, as my car heats up quite quickly. The blanket is very warm, which is great, but I wouldn’t want him to overheat by leaving him wrapped up while the car temperature is in the low 20s.

When this blanket really comes into its own is when I nip quickly to the supermarket. It’s perfect for quickly wrapping Zak up as I don’t usually take him out of his car seat if it’s a quick shop. More often than not, he’s so snug that he falls asleep. A win-win situation in my book!

The cocoon blanket comes with red, blue or pink lining and is available from the Cocoon Babies website for £29.99. As an extra-special treat, enter the code INSTAFREE at the checkout to get free shipping (usually £3.50).

Cocoon Babies kindly sent me a cocoon blanket for free in exchange for an honest review.

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